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 (Xbox 360) transfer saves from pc to 360/360 to pc

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PostSubject: (Xbox 360) transfer saves from pc to 360/360 to pc    Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:07 pm

What you need




Note not all usb devices will not work if

* Cheap USB
* The device less than 1GB
* Xbox is unable to write to the device because of a device error or security.
* The device gets pulled out during initialization
* Xbox is unable to verify the integrity of the device

Lets get started.....

1. put usb device in 360

2. it will ask you to format click yes

3. now you can copy your old saves to your usb device and vice versa

Why did i write such an easy tutorial ?

Because the next part of the tutorial involves redesigning so you can use other peoples saves, if i get enough comments on this tutorial i will put up and show you how to make your own MODDED saves Smile

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(Xbox 360) transfer saves from pc to 360/360 to pc
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