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 Blood Drive Xbox-360 & PS3

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PostSubject: Blood Drive Xbox-360 & PS3   Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:41 am

Brains, Stains and Automobiles!

Step into the most ruthless modern-day gladiator arena this world has ever known. This is the entertainment sport of a twisted new age, you’re the franchise player, and swarms of the undead are hell-bent on killing you. With battle-hardened, heavily armed vehicles and your kill-or-be-killed instinct as your only weapons, your goal is to send a seemingly endless mass of blood-thirsty zombies back to hell one bloody tire-tread at a time in this ultimate orgy of ultra violence!

In the game, you'll take part in arena-based combat, battling other drivers to the death using brute force and whatever other goods you happen to pick up on over the course of your race. But they're not your only concern. As you proceed throughout each event, you'll also deal with zombies. Not just any random zombies running around, but hungry, angry zombies. And we're talking a shit-ton of them. It's your job to run over as many as possible while keeping your car in one piece, so you can win the event and move on to the next round.

Zombie killing is a pivotal part of Blood Drive as is fighting your opponents and making sure your energy doesn't dwell down to zero. You'll need skill and cunning to stay in one piece, even with a fully loaded stock car or a piece of construction equipment. Fortunately, part of the fun lies in the destruction you'll take part in, as you splatter zombie guts everywhere and keep your kill count climbing.

Along with a robust single player campaign, Blood Drive will also pack on sheer amounts of multiplayer. The game should support plenty of online action, along with local multiplayer options. What's more, you can drop in and out at any time, should you feel the need to have a friend join in to kill zombies with you. Oh, and there's plenty of undead types here. Want to kill some zombie strippers? Done. How about a few frat boys that picked on you when they were alive? Dish out the bloody revenge.

Look for the game this November for around $50. We'll have more in-depth details to come very soon. For now, enjoy the bloody screenshots and dream of vehicular carnage in time for your Thanksgiving feast. Meanwhile, check out more screenshots below!

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Blood Drive Xbox-360 & PS3
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