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 Batman Arkham City ( MORE Gameinformer info, lots of it!)

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PostSubject: Batman Arkham City ( MORE Gameinformer info, lots of it!)    Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:28 am

- Sharp took credit for getting the Joker situation under control
- Sharp used that incident to help win the election
- He then declares Blackgate and Arkham unfit
- Sharp buys off a portion of the slums of Gotham
- He walls off the area, calls it Arkham City
- Sharp contracts a mercenary group named Tyger into defending the walls
- Prisoners given one rule: “Don’t try to escape”
- Penalty is death
- Prisoners free to do anything besides that within
- People who look into Hugo Strange disappear
- A year has taken place
- Two-Face is admitted into Arkham City
- Two-Face realizes he needs to make a move to assert himself in the prison so that he won’t be eaten alive
- He captures Catwoman, thinking that a public execution would help out his situation
- Devs. want a highly detailed city
- Can use gadgets while fighting
- Example of this: Putting explosive gel on the back of an enemy
- A lot of the super villains have formed gangs, have control of different areas in the city
- Devs hoping to use more of the “forensics” angle from the first title, incorporate puzzles in them that will get more complex as you progress
- Most of the key gadgets unlocked late in the original are immediately available, but it seems it hasn’t been confirmed that all of them will
- Explosive gel, line launcher confirmed to be available by default
- Interrogations instead of Riddler maps now
- Press a button and Batman will taunt enemies
- Optional sidestories for some characters, including Zsasz
- New costume for Harley
- Broadcast analyzer: Mainly used so that Batman can listen to a message from the Joker
- There are several broadcasts Bats can listen to, including the GCPD dispatch and Gotham FM
- Orcacle is missing
- Because of this, Alfred is the one in Bruce’s ear
- Rocksteady not talking about multiplayer plans yet
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Batman Arkham City ( MORE Gameinformer info, lots of it!)
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