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 Dead Rising 2 on the way

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PostSubject: Dead Rising 2 on the way   Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:47 pm

Capcom has launched a viral site for Dead Rising 2 called, which has already revealed two meaty chunks of zombie information in two days. Read on to learn more about the game's next combination weapon and Terror is Reality multiplayer mini game.

While the original Dead Rising wasn't short on madcap weaponry and action (the 'Raining Zombies' achievement says hi), Dead Rising 2 has been inching its way ever closer to crazy town with each new reveals in the realm of multiplayer mini games and customizable weapons. A new facet of the former is shown above in the form of 'Zomboni,' a game in which your character (seemingly) must run over zombies with a zamboni and shoot their blood out of the top and into the mouth of an inflatable zombie. Zomboni will join the ranks of other insane modes like 'Ramster Ball' and 'Slicecycles' in the game's crazy 'Terror is Reality' multiplayer mode.

Below is the new weapon revealed this week-- a Stallone-esque combination of a crossbow and dynamite aptly called the 'Blambow.' Dead Rising 2 is promising dozens of combination weapons, and while the Blambow isn't quite up to par with the likes of the machine gun wheelchair and paddle saws, it's still a welcome improvement from middling weaponry like the soccer balls and mannequin legs that couldn't be altered in the firs game. Check out a video of the Blambow below, and further down, check out the source link to head to the Tape it or Die blog, where Capcom will surely reveal even more Dead Rising 2 goodness in the coming weeks.
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Dead Rising 2 on the way
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