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 GeekSquad Customer Reviews (not good)

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PostSubject: GeekSquad Customer Reviews (not good)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:29 am

This is a collection of customer reviews for GeekSquad I found on the internet. Please do not assume GeekSquad represents ALL computer repair companies because, I assure you, GeekSquad is one of a kind.

If you have a review you would like submit, good or bad, post it in the comments section below.

Scam – computer tune up
Posted By: fluorocan on 10/24/2009
Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK
Complete rip off. Unbelievable, never been treated so badly and barely got my laptop back not fixed and no rebate. Store manager basically told me tough look. Lots of people with BB tee shirts standing arround, lots of unskilled employees. Good retail, 0 service at the best. RUN FROM THE GEEKS!

Don’t let the Geeks near your PC – computer repair
Posted By: the geeks reek on 10/17/2009
Best Buy
Mooresville, NC 28117
I took my pc to the Geek Squad at best buy. They kept my computer for 4 days to “run diagnostics” at a cost of $69.99. Then they call to say for a mere additional $130 they can repair my operating system. Well, the bottom line was the only problem my computer was experiencing was a clash with my operating system and my antivirus program. I fixed it myself for free! I’m not even a techie!

Stay away from geeks
Posted By: mikrah on 10/5/2009
Location: Summerville, SC
I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing my computer and having geek Squad “clean” the pc for me. I bought the computer two days ago and paid them for the three year plan and to clean the new pc. Well, needless to say I have taken the computer back to them two days in a row to try to find out why the computer is freezing.

I do not know if anyone has had issues with their anti-virus software, but I am. They are telling me the computer is fine and that the software from the new printer I bought was freezing the computer. I still do not have a resolution to this issue, but I will never trust the geeks to work on anything of mine. Two days after the purchase, I have wasted a total of 8 hours walking around Best Buy waiting for my computer to not work when I bring it home.

Geek Squad Fraud – Wireless SetUp and Security Camera issues
Posted By: AntiGeekSquad on 9/22/2009
Location: Orlando, FL 32828
This has been an ongoing frustration, and isn’t getting dealt with. Geek Squad keeps no-showing on appointments, and moving us to the back of the line every time we reschedule.

The frustrating thing is that they already charged us, came out, and left, and our wireless internet still didn’t work.

When asked to come back out, they no-show. Very frustrating to deal with them.\

The guy that did come out the first time was really nosey and was digging through my wife’s desk, rummaging through her comic calendar, and didn’t end up doing his job right… as it didn’t even work. GRRRR!!!

Had another incident where they wanted to charge me $1800 to set up a 4 camera security system that I already owned. They charged me a consultation fee to come give me a quote… Obviously I didn’t end up having them install it.

Thought they’d be a good source for help, but I’ll refrain from using them in the future.

Geek Squad sucks! – TV repair
Posted By: thelastmarcus10 on 8/26/2009
960 grant terrace
atlanta, GA 30315
My TV stopped working and it was under warranty still so I called Geek Squad. Everyone is super nice on the phone, almost to the point to where it’s annoying. But the services itself is horrible. The day they said they would come out, they didn’t, and without calling me, I had to call them. The guy finally came out looked at the TV and told me he had to order parts for it.

He told me about a week. Well a week and a half goes by…. nothing. I had to call them once again and they told me they are waiting on a part still. They told me bout another week. 2 weeks go by. I call them AGAIN, understand now it’s almost been a month now since the repair guy came out, they told me the part is now available and will be shipped in the next couple of days. So it hasn’t even been shippped yet. Who knows how long the delivery will take. Point blank, I’ve been waiting a month now to get my TV fixed and I’m the one that has to call to find out about any problems they are having.

Never Trust Geek Squad – Toshiba Laptop
Posted By: eberleb on 8/16/2009
Highland Ave
Chula Vista, CA
I plugged in my A/C charger to my laptop and the computer would not take a charge, so I brought it in to Geek Squad. The supervisor, mind you, took another A/C adapter from behind the counter and it did not charge my computer either, so we deducted that there was a problem elswhere either on the receptacle or the battery.

It was taken to their service center and the technician called me and informed me that both the adapter and the battery were bad. I was not convinced of this argument and it had been two weeks since I turned the computer in, so I told them not to replace the charger, but only the battery.

Finally I was told that it was ready for pickup yesterday. I was about to pay, but I asked the service attendant to plug in my adapter. Sure enough, it didn’t work. The attendant took an adapter from another customer’s machine and plugged it into my machine, and it worked. Then we put the old “bad” battery in and it still worked. Remember when earlier it didn’t when I first brought it in? Well the adapter they used was faulty two weeks ago, so it never even should have been sent off for serviceand I still had to pay for them doing absolutely nothing to my computer to fix it.

These guys are absolute thiefs!

I am $181 poorer, still had to purchse my own adapter. I don’t know how these guys get away with doing this to their customers. I just read a couple other reviews and really wish I had done so before bringing my computer to these amateurs. Please don’t waste your time or money with these thiefs.

Geek Squad is the worse computer support service. Do not ever use their services, never bring your computer to them, never pay gua – computer services
Posted By: bibicalifornia on 7/12/2009
Location: Santa Rosa
Here is my little story of the most frustrated experience with computer tech support service in my life. The volume of my computer was not working, so, I bring it to BEST BUY for a check in at the Geek squad tech support. They couldn’t figure out what was the problem, so, they sent it to their headquarter for a complet hard drive change.

They said to me that the data will not be touch, so, it was fine to leave it and didn’t say to me to do a back up. After 45 days, I got my computer, without the cable and the cd’s for recovery (VERY IMPORTANT CDS), so, I have to come two more time to get them, but the worse was that comming home, I had to do the recovery by myself and it didn’t work. Now, they offer me a 159 dollars services for the backup and 130 dollars to restart my computer.


Do not ever use Geek Squad, your life will be hell during the process and you will probably loose your data and your money without even imagine that was comming.

Geek Squad is a Rip-off – Computer Services
Posted By: Pollak on 7/12/2009

Best Buy
Mansfield, MA
I brought my computer to Best Buy for repair. They told me it would be $122 and took my money. Two hours later they called me at home and said it would be an additional $110. I reluctantly agreed to pay. The following day they called and said it would be yet another $175. I insisted on getting my money back and retrieved my computer. I brought it to an independent local technician and he fixed it perfectly for $45.

Best Buy and their Geek Squad is a huge dishonest rip-off.

Geek Squad Does Not Honor Its Contract – Black Tie Warranty Service on HP Computer
Posted By: GWTracy on 7/2/2009
The Geek SQUAd
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 800-433-5778
After just a few months of occasional use, my HP laptop computer’s hard Drive went bad. I had purchased Black Tie Service from Geek Squad thru Best Buy. The Geek Squad people at Best Buy in Portsmouth, NH were sleazy and evasive, trying everything they could to avoid repairing the computer. Finally after I spoke to management at Best Buy HQ they took the machine in for repairs …

that was a month ago and I still have no computer and no status update from the company regarding when I will get my computer back. I was also told my Geek Squad that when the machine is repaired and returned to me, it will not have Windows or any software on it; they told me I must separately order a restore DVD from HP at my own expense and setup the computer myself. I paid for a VERY expensive Geek Squad “Black Tie” extended warranty with the assumptiont that Best Buy and Geek Squad for honorable companies that honor their contracts. But I’ve learned the hard way that is not the case. And a quick search of Internet reviews makes it obvious that hunDreds of other people have learned the same painful lesson. I wish I’d done this research before doing business with these people. Hopefully others will learn from those of us who have been burned by these dishonest companies.

First and last time – Computer service
Posted By: mauri on 6/26/2009
Rt 70
Cherry Hill, NJ
This is the first and last time I buy computers at Best Buy. I bought an Acer laptop that I have never actually used, as it freezes after only 15 minutes or so of operation. A first trip to the “Geeks” was useless as they did not witness a freezing and refused to even look at it. A second trip finally convinced them to look at it.

So first I am told that it needed a system restore, not covered by the contract, for $120. TO which I agreed. Then I am told that the restore did not work and the PC had to be sent to factory as it was definitely a hardware problem. 6 weeks later I am told that no, no it was not a hardware problem and now I have to pay for the restore, get myself a restore disk from Acer, since I did not purchase maintenance on the software (I was not told that it was not included in the contract, in the first place), and then of course pay for the restore. Since this was a 440$ laptop, I am tempted to just leave it there but I may go get it just to install Linux on it.

Geek Squad A Complete Rip Off From Step One – In-House ‘Repair’ To ‘Data Recovery At Geek Squad City’
Posted By: katjak on 6/9/2009
My Vaio Notebook computer crashed. I called Geek Squad and was told’ “we can absolutely get it up and running at your house for 299$”. When the guy came out…he couldn’t fix it. That cost $129. I took it to the nearest Best Buy store (where I purchased a new notebook) and after a full day, they couldn’t fix it.

That cost 169$. The guy there said he could send it to Geek Squad City where for about 4-500$ they can retrieve the data. After numerous phone calls where you can never get a hold of anyone, the estimate was $1,600!!! I told them to send it back. The shipping for all of this was $69. I have made 6 phone calls (even to the main Best Buy Customer Relations) and I still don’t have my computer back.

DON’T use them…that’s my advice. My stomach is in a knot just typing this.

Worthless Customer Support – Battery Backup
Posted By: Reft on 5/12/2009
I bought a battery backup, which is a pretty simple item, but it started screwing up on me four days later. I called support and talked to a very belligerent, unknowledgeable guy who would not even let me speak to his supervisor. He was so rude that I promptly returned the product to Best Buy. This could have been a minor glitch with the battery backup, but the quality of the customer support is so low that I am scared of a real problem occurring and then I would be really screwed. You would think with a name like Best Buy or maybe just Geek Squad, that they would care about their reputation, but obviously not.

So, buyers beware of the Geek Squad battery backup. It has no support!!!

Geek Squad Customer Service
Posted By: Stormy123 on 5/11/2009
It should never take 30 minutes to cancel a service appointment!

Had an issue with the surround sound system that Geek Squad installed last year so I called on Saturday to make an appointment. Turns out the issue was with the satellite receiver. Made the first call to cancel the appointment at 9:30 am. Got cut off twice and had to start over. Each time I called I was transferred a minimum of 3 times and asked the exact same questions.

So frustrating. I will never call them again for service.

Horrible Service Robbery – Pc Repair
Posted By: KAREN32047 on 5/9/2009
Location: Jacksonville , FL
I took my PC in to the Geeks at Best Buy in FL. They charged me 200.00 For diagnosis and repair. I went back 5 days later (cause they didn’t call in 2-3 like they said they would.)

They then told me they needed my recovery backup disk, I told them I didn’t have one. So they told me there wasn’t anything they could do. I wanted a refund and they refused me! If they can get away with this it is outrageous!!!!!!

I have done everything I can and no refund I basically gave them 200.00 For nothing !!! And the it was charged on my Best Buy credit card and they refuse me a refund too!!!!
Mad mad mad.

This is the first review I have ever written on anything!!!!!!

Geek Squad Stink Squad – HP Laptop
Posted By: Frenchy1 on 5/1/2009
Location: Atlanta , GA
Brought my laptop to Geek Squad for problem with networking card and no sound. Geek squad took $35 to send to HP. 2 weeks later, they called me to announce me that the motherboard was shot.! and that it would cost $650 to repair. I told them to get it back to me without fixing it. Went on line (used a USB wireless device) and checked blogs/reviews about same problems, reviews mentioned to download new driver from HP for the sound and to send it free of charge for repair even after 12 months warranty expired since it was a HP defect.

So I did and everything is working fine for free. No new motherboard required….

Geek squad you S… !

Will Never Use – Computer Repair
Posted By: rnkarent on 3/18/2009
Location: 08043, NJ
Contacted Geeksquad on a Monday to assist with installation of a Wifi connection. They were scheduled to come out between 8am and 12 noon the following day (Tues). They never showed up, we called the company twice after paying for child care for one child and taking an entire day off from work and they told us they would “email” the tech because they couldn’t find him. “Someone” would call us back…it’s Wednesday and we are still waiting.

No courtesy callback, no professionalism and the absentee appointment cost me money in lost work hours and child care. I will never advise anyone to contact this company!
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GeekSquad Customer Reviews (not good)
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