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 Watch Out for Stress Symptoms It Can Kill You Slowly

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PostSubject: Watch Out for Stress Symptoms It Can Kill You Slowly   Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:25 pm

Watch out for stress symptoms:

Stress has been described as a 'slow killer'. It is a health risk for someone to undergo continuous stress and hence it is vital that people are aware of the dangers of excessive and prolonged stress. It is also
important to that people are completely aware of how to detect stress symptoms in order that they can take the necessary steps to curtail these symptoms. Stress symptoms are sometimes not easy to detect because they take on the characteristics of other everyday medical conditions which most people are used to. The first step to identifying the symptoms of stress is to be fully aware that you are susceptible to stressors and that they are all around you.

The factors that initiate stress symptoms:

In most cases, problematic and tense situations will usually initiate stress symptoms depending on how long one is exposed to these circumstances and how they are handled. There are a wide range of scenarios that can bring on the symptoms of stress and these include but are not limited to: family conflicts, the loss of employment, financial difficulty, other relationship problems and other physical and mental disorders can help bring about stress symptoms. It should also be mentioned that positive situations can bring about stress symptoms as well. There are a variety of scenarios which most people would regard as positive or non-problematic that could indeed initiate feelings of stress. Going on a first date or having a baby can induce stress.

At time when it is part of a automatic response to challenge or danger, the body’s reaction is termed positive stress. However, when you feel things are getting too out of hand, making you feel almost clustrophobic, you may experience the physical and emotional symptoms brought on by negative stress. These are the signs of stress that you need to identify and curtail immediately.

It is very crucial to look out for negative stress symptoms and to learn to identify the situations that can initiate them. When these symptoms continue for long periods of time, you are at likely to be in danger of
more significant health problems because stress can weaken your immunity. Recent research has shown that 80% of illness is related to stress in some way.

Can aches and depression be related to stress?

There are some stress physical symptoms that can be related to stress in two ways: it could be that these physical conditions or symptoms are prolonged and discomforting enough in such a way that they act as a stressor or it could be that these physical symptoms are stress signs symptoms. In other words, your body may be telling you through these symptoms that you are indeed stressed. Depression and back aches are a good example of these physical symptoms that are related to stress in one way or the other.

In determining how to handle your stress symptoms, it is helpful to know what type you are experiencing. According to experts, the most common form of stress is called: acute stress, results from “demands and requirements of things that have immediately happened in the past and forecasted demands and requirements of the not too distant future.”

Medical experts liken the effects of acute stress to imagining oneself facing a crude circumstance, such as being stuck on a deserted Island. At these sort of time when you experience this type of stress, you’ll likely notice elevations in your heartbeat and breathing. You may notice that your skin might feel cool and sweaty and you might notice a difference in your eating pattern.

What are the other symptoms of stress?

Physical signs
Physical signs of stress can actually be as a result of other disorders, so it is crucial for you to have a medical doctor treat conditions such as minor aches and pains, or other physical disorders. It is also important to bear in mind, however, that the body and mind are not independent from one another.

Emotional signs
Similar to physical signs, emotional symptoms like; anxiety or depression can hide other disorders besides stress. It is important to find out whether they are related to stress or some other condition. In both cases, the following emotional symptoms are very discomforting indeed and can adversely affect your performance at work or your recreation time, and the way you maintain relationships with other people.

In the most positive scenarios, when a stressful situation comes to a end, hormonal signals turn off the stress response, and the body goes back to normal. Unfortunately, stress does not always go away easily. If you
are prone to be of an anxious disposition, and you tend to be anxious about basic occurences and relationships, your stress response is never at rest. Research show that a prolonged activation of stress symptoms can have highly adverse and a even deadly effect on your body. When the signs of stress continue, you are in danger of facing many other health problems that people often do not realize are, in most cases, attributable to stress.
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Watch Out for Stress Symptoms It Can Kill You Slowly
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