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 The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets Premiere Date and Spoiler

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PostSubject: The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets Premiere Date and Spoiler   Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:40 am

Just by the title alone you should know that a large spoiler is coming your way for The Walking Dead Season 2 so read on only if you dare. If you have read the graphic novels you are fine but otherwise you may want to wander away before a major plot element of Season 2 is revealed. I have never read the graphic novels and needless to say a huge spoiler was dropped in my lap when I read the twist that is coming to Walking Dead Season 2.

In a recent dispatch from the set Frank Darabont has revealed that in the upcoming second season which will be primarily based at Hershel farm a very interesting new angle is going to be introduced;

We’re fleshing out the story in so many different directions. Once you’re into this with real actors playing these characters, the dynamics develop over time from episode to episode. There’s so much rich story and character to plunder.

I don’t know if we’re giving anything away, but… [SPOILER ALERT!] something as simple in the comic books as “Lori gets pregnant” winds up being sort of a fantastic complication on screen. In the story we’re telling, it’s just not that simple as it was in the comic book because you have those opportunities to really spin the story out in many different layers. So, that kind of stuff is tremendously exciting to me.

I can not think of a better angle then having a controversial pregnancy in the mix. Is the baby Shane’s or is it Rick’s? Two best friends caught in a love triangle during a zombie apocalypse, its elements like this that are what makes The Walking Dead so much more than just a show about zombies.

The Walking Dead is getting ready to start shooting in Newnan in July in a local high school with a release date for the series slated sometime in the fall, presumably October. The second season of Walking Dead will feature 13 episode which is seven more than the first one and will see the survivors of Season 1 reach Hershel Farm an outpost for a group of survivors headed by a Veterinarian who has a very unique angle on the infection.

Robert Kirkman the comic book creator in a dispatch from the set talked about this new setting for Season 2 saying;

Season 1 focused on Atlanta so much, and we got to see desolate Atlanta and how this stuff affects cities. And that was really cool, and a lot of cool visuals come from that. But rather than repeat ourselves we’re going out into the woods.

We’re gonna see a lot of rural roads and open fields see how bad things are as you get away from the city centers. It’s definitely different enough that Season 2 stands on its own and has its own thing. And a lot of that comes from Hershel’s farm and seeing these characters. All I can say is it’s gonna be great, and the casting on Season 2 is going to be as pitch-perfect as the casting on Season 1. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Hershel.

Obviously with this new location comes a bunch of new characters including Lauren Cohan as Maggie Hershel, Pruit Taylor Vince as Otis the kind hearted farm hand and Scott Wilson as Hershel Green.
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The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets Premiere Date and Spoiler
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