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 Fallout New Vegas Tutorial (HEX Editing)

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PostSubject: Fallout New Vegas Tutorial (HEX Editing)    Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:44 pm

Ok I finally finished putting together a save that will show you guys where to edit.

To use this tutorial you need to first find your EXP. Easiest way to do this is make a copy of your save use the mod tool to mod your Level on one save to 15 that should give you 16449 EXP, save and exit. Open that save in your HEX Editor, now search for this - 7C008280467C Next open your untouched save and go to the offset you got in your other save.

Now that you found your EXP we can move onto the fun part.

Look at the picture below and from ".EXP" count how many "|....|" it is from the pic to the location of what you want to change. Example, lets say I want to mod my "..AP", I would look at ".EXP" and count backwards 12 sections.

UNKN = Unknown
THRO = Throwing Distance
RLOD = Reload Speed
..AP = Action Points
..WG = Carrying Weight
CRIT = Critical Hit Rate
..HP = Health Points
..DR = Damage Resistance
RRES = Radiation Resistance
SPED = Speed
KARM = Karma
.EXP = Experience
LIMB = Limb HP
SKIL = Skill
XXXX = DO NOT USE (you fall over and can't move)
SLOW = Slow mo for everything but you
.RAD = Total rad poisoning
MESS = Messy Kills
.H2O = Dehydration level
.SLP = Sleep level
..DT = Damage Threshold
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Fallout New Vegas Tutorial (HEX Editing)
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