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 Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (Read First)

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PostSubject: Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (Read First)   Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:46 am

This is it true believers, the cross-over of the century begins here! The Marvel Zombies come face-to-face with Dynamite Entertainment's Ash from the Army of Darkness! Ash has faced legions of the undead before, but never like this... as he lands in the heart of New York just as the Zombie outbreak begins! See how his actions help turn more heroes and villains into Zombies!

Download here > Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness

Here is the order that they will be listed

01 - Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness

02 - Marvel Zombies Dead Days

03 - Ultimate Fantastic Four 21-23

04 - Marvel Zombies

05 - Ultimate Fantastic Four 30-32

06 - Black Panther 27-30

07 - Marvel Zombies 2

08 - Marvel Zombies 3

09 - Marvel Zombies 4

10 - Marvel Zombies Return

11 - Marvel Zombies Evil Evolution
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Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness (Read First)
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