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 Island Paradise /Experience points.........

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PostSubject: Island Paradise /Experience points.........   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:37 am

First of all you need

Flash Player 9
Firefox / Internet Explorer

1. Open the game (make sure you have at least 2 plants ready for harvest)
2. Open cheat engine, choose your browser in the process list. Tick HEX, 8 bytes, ASROM
3. Put 00000004b82c4189 in the hex box
4. In Island Paradise, harvest a plant > First Scan
5. 1 address should come up > Right Click > Disassemble
6. At the third line, it should say "jmp xxxxx"
7. Right Click this line > Replace with code that does nothing > OK
8. Now in the game, harvest another plant
9. If you've done correctly, the exp points will go all the way up!!!!
10. When it stopped, wait at least 10 seconds or more so it autosaves the exp points
11. Reload the game and you'll see the new exp points!!!
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Island Paradise /Experience points.........
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