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 Cafe World /Level up/ ro-bot

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PostSubject: Cafe World /Level up/ ro-bot   Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:39 am

First download

This version requires Microsoft 2008 C++ Runtime files.

Download (if your OS is 32bit, you use this)

Download (if your OS is 64bit, you use this)

1. Download Cafe World ro-bot from any of the links above.
2. extract the setup.exe and install the ro-bot.
3. Once installed, just execute it and you will be shown the facebook login page.

Note: This is NOT a scam/phishing page. If you are afraid, you can try logging in a spare account first and you will see that you will be logged into your actual CafeWorld Page. If you are still afraid, feel free to not use this ro-bot Smile

4. just log in and you will appear at your Cafe World. Wait for a few seconds to load.

5. Click on settings and for super fast leveling, choose the Bacon Cheeseburger which only takes 20secs to cook! Remember to select "Sell only Main Dish"

6. That's all! Just minimize the ro-bot and it will do its magic. Do NOT play the game while the bot is activated or the game will RETRY. There is a log at the right side which will show you your current exp/coins and the updated exp/coins.[b]
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Cafe World /Level up/ ro-bot
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