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 Blackest Night #1 (Synopsis) and my Review

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PostSubject: Blackest Night #1 (Synopsis) and my Review    Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:44 am

The book starts out a little slow.

The introduction phase of the issue was mostly handled through Hal Jordan's narration of a super-hero veterns day, but later we get info on a super-hero/villain morgue in the JLA's Hall of Justice, which hinted at some interesting things to come. One villain's name i found surprising was Alexander Luthor and that in it's self leads me to believe we may soon see zombie luthor !!!

Alright so back to the story, we next are shown the guardians of the rings gazing at a map of a battle between the various lanterns and Black rings appearing all around, right when you think damn this is taking forever i want zombies...BAMMM...A Guardian take a chuck out of another exposing massive amounts of flesh.

We have lift off
everything gets crazy from there from Bruce Waynes Parents graves empty, the former fantastic 4 members sue and dr.reed richards zombified, to a heart felt massive killing of 2 major players in an unsettling yet satisfying end.

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Blackest Night #1 (Synopsis) and my Review
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